DirectSpace offers a low cost solution to hosting your equipment within our private data facility. With a full 10G network and location within the Union Bank Building. Our services will save you in the wallet, while offering premium features. We offer single server colo to full rack and cage solutions with 24.7 facility access.


Network uptime and performance is an important factor to a datacenter. At DirectSpace, we offer 24/7/365 true network interactive monitoring, along with an unstoppable bandwidth capacity and blend. Our 100% network reliability guarantee is backed by our SLA - we'll always provide credit when it's not met.


We don't resell colocation space, DirectSpace owns and operates a private data facility in the heart of Portland - access to your equipment is easy, secure and private within our data facility. DirectSpace takes a professional approach with our client's equipment and network infrastructure.

Portland, Oregon Colocation


  • 5TB Bandwidth Transfer on Full 1GE Port
  • 1A 208v Power
  • /29 IPv4, /120 IPv6 Subnets on Private VLAN
  • 24.7 On-call Escorted Data Center Access


per month

14U RACK (1/3)

  • 75TB Bandwidth Transfer on Full 1GE Port
  • 5A 208v Power
  • /28 IPv4, /1204 IPv6 Subnets on Private VLAN
  • 24.7 Self Serving Access to Data Center


per month

21U RACK (1/2)

  • 120TB Bandwidth Transfer on Full 1GE Port
  • 7A 208v Power
  • /27 IPv4, /120 IPv6 Subnets on Private VLAN
  • 24.7 Self Serving Access to Data Center


per month

42U RACK (Full)

  • Full 1Gbps Flat Rate Port. No Transfer Limit
  • 14A 208v Power
  • /26 IPv4, /120 IPv6 Subnets on Private VLAN
  • 24.7 Self Serving Access to Data Center


per month

Colocation Features

24.7 Facility Access

  • Access to our facility allows entry at any time, day or night.

DDOS Mitigation

  • Advanced network DDOS mitigation and monitoring assures service uptime.

10G Network

  • Our full 10G network provides true scalability and plenty of on demand bandwidth availability.


  • Native IPv6 is included with all colocation packages.

Easy Control Panel

    View bandwidth usage, submit tickets and order add-on services with ease.

Free Transfer

  • Enjoy unmetered bandwidth transfer within our data center locations.

Same Day Setup

  • With proper verification, colocation services are generally setup within the same day!


  • Our technical team is here 24.7.365 to offer quick support for any issue. SLA guaranteed!

30-day Trial Offer

  • Try us out risk free for 30 days. If you're unsatisfied, simply request an immediate refund.


Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any contracts?

$0 setup fee is for designated contracts only. For less than designated term or month-to-month, a setup fee will be added to your first months bill. Setup fees are $100 for a half rack or more and $60 for less than a half rack. This setup fee covers your network allocation, VLAN setup, and an on-site staff member to offer additional aide in datacenter processes. Staff member also available to aide with network and power cable install during setup.

Is additional power available?

We offer upgrades of power across all of our colocation services. Power is available in both 120v/208v and N+1 redundancy. Please contact us for a quick and accurate quote.

What about additional IPs?

Additional IPv4 addresses are available for purchase on a first-come, first-served basis upon providing proper justification for use. IPv6 is also available at no cost with proper justification.

Is there staff available on hand?

Our technical support team is available 24.7 to help with any service related issue. We provide free basic support which includes connectivity, reboots and light OS related issues. We can also help with more in-depth problems or tasks such as system rebuilds and upgrades at a standard rate of $50 per hour.

What's the difference between escorted and self serving data center access?

While other data centers disallow access to single 1U colocation clients, we provide access on an on-call staff escorted basis. This is because all 1U colocation packages are not available with lockable rack access thus our staff needs to be present to ensure the security of other client equipment. All packages with a 1/4 (quarter) rack and larger, are available with 24.7 self serving data center access.