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DSVPS.1 1x 3.3Ghz 512MB 768MB 20GB (SSD) 750GB Monthly 1 IP4 / 2 IP6
$15 yr
DSVPS.2 2x 3.3Ghz 768MB 1024MB 30GB (SSD) 1TB Monthly 2 IP4 / 2 IP6
$4 mo
DSVPS.3 3x 3.3Ghz 1024MB 1536MB 40GB (SSD) 2TB Monthly 2 IP4 / 2 IP6
$7 mo
DSVPS.4 3x 3.3Ghz 1536MB 2048MB 50GB (SSD) 3TB Monthly 2 IP4 / 2 IP6
$10 mo
DSVPS.5 4x 3.3Ghz 2048MB 2560MB 60GB (SSD) 4TB Monthly 2 IP4 / 2 IP6
$15 mo
DSVPS.6 4x 3.3Ghz 2560MB 4096MB 75GB (SSD) 6TB Monthly 2 IP4 / 2 IP6
$20 mo
DSVPS.7 4x 3.3Ghz 4096MB 5120MB 100GB (SSD) 8TB Monthly 2 IP4 / 2 IP6
$30 mo
DSVPS.8 4x 3.3Ghz 5120MB 6144MB 120GB (SSD) 10TB Monthly 2 IP4 / 2 IP6
$40 mo

The VPS Setup
Intel CPU Hypervisor Environment
SolusVM Complete VPS Management Control Panel
Unlimited Instant OS Reloads
Now Providing Fully Automated Daily External Backups
Full Root Access
Two IPv4 and Two IPv6 Free

VPS Control Panels
Webmin FREE
Kloxo FREE
KDE+VNC Remote Desktop FREE

The Virtual Environment
DirectSpace undersells and prioritizes our VPS host machines for high end disk performance and I/O speeds. Our VPS services come self managed - software and entire setup of the VPS is completely up to you. Completely root access is provided for ease of readying your VPS for your personal or business use.

KDE + VNC: Remote Desktop Access


With our complete full feature pre-made templates, you can immediately install KDE+VNC remote desktop service on your virtual environment with absolutely no hassles! Immediately begin connecting to your virtual environment via the vnc client device, start customizing your desktop, server environment, or simply browse the web!

DirectSpace offers several other pre-made templates for your own ease such as cPanel/WHM, Kloxo, and Webmin templates!




VPS orders are provisioned instantly after payment is made. Paypal account email address must match signup email address. NO EXCEPTIONS.